The Lampinen Farm is located in Southern Savo, in a village Paatela in Juva. Wood-craft and forestry are part of the operational pattern at farm.

At the farm or indeed at the log-cabins, one can enjoy the tranquility of pure nature in the idyllic surroundings. There are also various leisure opportunities in the locality. Among some of the attractions are a equestrianism stable and a canoe-route.

The distance to both Savonlinna, Mikkeli and Varkaus is approximately 50Km (32 miles)
The leisure activities are truly excellent:

  • Tennis courts are available in Juva
  • The routes for canoeing reach as far as Sulkava (most known for their International long-boat rowing events)
  • Horse-riding at the K&M Stables
  • There are also 4 Golf courses within 60Km radius from the Farm.
Pauli ja Gabi Lampinen
Sappiontie 27, Paatela/Juva
gsm: +358 (0)40 8457446 (Pauli)
gsm: +358 (0)40 739 5266. (Gabi)