The log-gottage, Siesta, is located by the shore of Lake Sourunj�rvi immediately by the canoe-route (Oravanreitti). The sandy beach is shallow and child-friendly.

Inside Siesta you’ll find a kitchen, dining area and a sleeping area with 2 beds and a sofa-bed. Duvets are provided but the bed-linen is not included. The gottage has central heating and a fire-place. A beautiful lake-view opens out from the porch.

There is also a fridge, a cooker, coffee perculator, toaster, microwave oven, a hoover, television and 6-piece crockery. There is a dressing room, sauna with wood-burning oven and warm shower.

Outside there are toilet (out-house), store-room, sheltered barbeque, well and an a hut with 2 beds and a hut with a campfire site.

A rowing boat can be found by the pier.

The surrounding nature is rich with berries and mushrooms and offers beautiful surroundings for trekking and hiking etc. The distance from Juva to the cabin is 14Km.


Pauli ja Gabi Lampinen
Sappiontie 27, Paatela/Juva
gsm: +358 (0)40 8457446 (Pauli)
gsm: +358 (0)400 368 250 (Gabi)